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My boyfriend was pretty upset to learn that I am a………dirty page folder. He spent quite a long time trying to shame me into stopping which really was never going to work.

His second try was dare I say it pretty damn good.

He bought me a bookmark, now I have tried several different bookmarks over the years and none have lasted that long. Its just easier and more convenient for me to fold the top corner of the page, close the book and get on with my life (no matter what anyone says). However, this is before I saw this Tom Dixon bookmark.


Its just so pretty, the design also makes it feel very tactile I enjoy picking it up and playing with it.

Its light, its beautiful, I love the feather design and the end of it looks so cute when it pokes out of the top of the book.

top bookmark

I also like the fact that the designs are quite varied, the playing card bookmark is my boyfriends which he loves and is obviously completely different from the feather design.

Tom Dixon Bookmarks

My bookmark has been in use for several months now and I’m not saying that I’m never going to fold a corner again but for now some pages are safe.

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