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Twitter is my favourite social media platform. Its a quick news feed you can dip in and out of. You also don’t have to (if you don’t want to) interact with family and people you knew from school many years ago – which is my main issue with facebook.

There is a rich wealth of interesting and informative people to find on twitter especially in the reading, bookblogger, writing community.

So this is a list of 5 bookish people that I find entertaining/ informative and enjoy following as a recommendation to anyone who is interested (in no particular order).

@Treystoneauthor author of ‘The consequence of loyalty’ I find this guy a great addition to my twitter feed, he supports other authors online, is motivational and bring a lot of humor into his tweets.


twitter 1.jpg

@JennieLy Jenn Award winning bookblogger – this lady has an extremely cute twitter feed, full of book memes and cute anecdotes. She is extremely supportive and interactive and actually one of the few people I also follow on Instagram.

twitter 4

@mywritersnook Leonard Tillerman – this guy is a consistent book reviewer who writes in depth and thoughtful reviews for indie authors. He also reports interesting articles on writing and book related new stories.twitter3

@PaperFury C.G. Drews – Her twitter feed is full of energy and fun.  She post lots of entertaining writing tweets that always make me smile while scrolling. Another person who posts interesting articles and observations from her days.

twitter 5

@Garethlpowell ‘award winning science fiction author’ – I recommend Gareth Powell not only because I’m a huge scifi fan and you should check out his books but because he quite often recommends others – link interesting articles and gives out useful writing advice all on his twitter. He is a great author and very approachable online.


Final bonus recommendation is @PDLComics Poorly Drawn Lines – just because their cartoons are ridiculously cute and very funny and I think everyone needs that on their twitter feed every now and then.


There are so many more that I could recommend but I’m going to stop at 5(ish) for now. I think these people would make a great addition to anyone looking to spruce up their twitter feed.

Let me know if you have any recommendations on who to follow!






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