7 Random writing tips

I have come to the conclusion that writing is …hard. I find it very hard to be consistent with writing.

I also find it hard to focus on writing and tend to procrastinate however, this has lead me to do a fair bit of googling on ‘good writing habits’ or ‘helpful tips’ that other authors or successful writers have.

As it is the month NaNoWriMo I thought I would share the the things I have found during my research (procrastination).


Turns out every writer has their own habits and every author is unique in the way that they write, but there are consistent themes or tips.

Write everyday!  I actually find this a bit much but do think you should treat it like a job e.g. – schedule time or have a schedule of when you are going to write – e.g. every Saturday morning – every evening from 6-8 pm whatever and stick to it.

Have a communication black out during writing hours. Obviously everyone needs to be available for emergencies but no looking at phone, Facebook or going out for snacks. I definitely need to do this (I say as I find myself clicking back from a 20 min Facebook break).

Say dialogue out loud when you write it – this is the only way that you will be able to tell if it works, if its stilted, confusing or doesn’t make sense. However, try not to give blocks of information to the reader via conversation. That’s when it may become unrealistic.


A lot (I mean an awful lot) of people suggest that you should write in the morning because that’s when your brain is most productive. I would say that my best time is actually late afternoon – I always have too much to be getting on with in the morning and in the evening I like to chill therefore, I find the afternoon a happy medium. I guess this would change if it was my main job but I’m still not sure this would make me any more productive in the morning. My take away point from this advice would be – find when you are most productive and then use it.

Learn from short stories – this one is something that makes sense to me as a learning tool. Because writing a short story is quicker you can practice writing, critic and then move on to the next. The issue I have is that I really have never enjoyed reading short stories. I feel like I’m just getting into them when they finish however, as I stated above it does make sense as a way to improve writing.


Stick to one project at a time – its so easy to get distracted with something else, anything else but always stick to one project until its done and then move to another.


Read a lot, reading or even watching TV dramas is a great way to learn about structuring and dialogue. It also allows you to notice what you like or don’t like about how someone else has written something, and what you may want to incorporate or exclude from your own work.

If you have any writing tips (or disagree with my views!) then please share below…also good luck to everyone currently partaking in NaMoWriMo!!

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