Bookish – Gift Guide

December is nearly upon us…and with that comes Christmas and gift giving.

I have put together a little gift guide to try and help stimulate some ideas for gift for friends and loved ones in case you are struggling and also because I have been looking around for gifts for people and I like to share pretty things I find.

Most of them have a bookish theme but some of the ideas are not book related and just things that I think would make a fun gift for someone else.

  • Books! However, what I enjoy doing amounts to more of a book shopping trip. E.g. I enjoy taking my mum to the local second hand book shop/ Waterstones / Independent and then we wander around and I buy the books that she ends up picking up during the explore (this is something that happens to all bookworms they magically appear while we wander the shelves).
  • Tea Blending Workshop, I was given a tea blending afternoon experience by a very lovely friend. Learning about teas and then making a special blend tea was a huge amount of fun and meant I also had something to take away with me. I’m a huge advocate of experience gifts, they cut down on unwanted waste and allow you to do things you may not have tried before.

Tea Blending workshop

tea header 2

  • Another day out / experience gift for people who live in the South East is a Husky Hike. I bought this for myself as a gift (it still counts as a gift!) in the beginning of the autumn and had such a great time and days out like this support the wildlife sanctuaries that they are linked to.

Husky Hike


  • Candles, there is nothing quite like getting all snuggly with a hot drink, a scented candle and a good book. I particularly like the ‘Mad Hatter’ candle  from this Etsy shop as Alice in Wonderland is childhood favourite of mine.


mad hatter candle.jpg

  • Tote Bags, I think you can never have enough tote bags to carry around all your books (and snacks) in and this one is pretty awesome

Tote Bag

  • Audible subscription, I know that this may be very well known but I only recently tried audible out I was pleasantly surprised by it.  I have decided that it would also make a great Christmas present and will be definitely gifting it to a couple of my bookish friends – you can gift 1,3,6 or 12 months depending on your budget or need.


  • National Trust Membership, this gift essentially gives the friend or family member a huge amount of days out, wherever they are in the country. I’ve gifted this to my nan a couple of years ago and she absolutely loved it, its also something that you can feel all good about because your supporting the upkeep of historical landmarks and areas of outstanding beauty.

National Trust

I hope one or some of these are of interest to you and help you out – if you have any gift ideas you would like to share please feel free to comment below.


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