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Sergeant Nathaniel Brannick is trapped in Victorian London during a period of disease, crime, and insatiable vices. One night, Brannick returns from work to find an eerie messenger in his flat who warns him of dark things to come. 
When his next case involves a victim who suffered from consumption, he uncovers clues that lead him to believe the messenger’s warning. Despite his incredulity, he can’t help but wonder if the practical man he once was has been altered by an investigation encompassed in the paranormal. That is, until he meets the witch hunters, and everything takes a turn for the worse.

My Review:

This is a great romp of a story.

The story is fun, quick moving and has interesting and colourful characters. There are two intertwining stories one from a flawed but likable Sergeant Brannick investigating a murder and the second one of two eccentric witch hunters who have come to London after there quarry. The environment was well researched and well written and I found it easy to be immersed in the Victorian world.

You meet all types of people, policemen, monster hunters, ghosts and vampires. The story goes to some surprisingly dark places, but this helped balance some of the light tone of the story telling. Several times I laughed out loud and I felt felt empathy for the main character even when he was not making the best decisions, even when he was making terrible decisions!


  • Unfortunately there were several editing errors through the book from missing words to incorrect versions of words which was slightly frustrating.
  • The main plot line through the book was the death of a young lady, most of the police force assumed it was a natural death however Sergeant Brannick is sure it’s murder. While its a very honorable story I found it a bit empty as the way it is set, he is left trying to fight the side of murder. I kept thinking that in that day and age would a police man really be that interested in having another murder on the books?

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All in all I enjoyed reading this book who doesn’t enjoy a quick moving, vampire hunting adventure based in dark Victorian times.

3. 5 biscuits out of 5

I was gifted a copy of this book by Blkdog Publishing you can find them here:

BLKDOG Publishing

Consumed can be purchased at the links below:

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