How to get out of a reading slump

I’ve seen a lot of people having trouble with reading slumps at the tale end of 2019. I think when you’ve been reading a lot of the same type of book or particularly when reading turns into a chore it can lead to a real disinterest in books.

I find it particularly when I’m trying to finish a reading challenge instead of getting competitive my brain just gives up on reading all together.

So I thought I would put together a little list of ideas to help you through a reading slump and hopefully reinvigorate the love for reading if and when you need it.

Try non-fiction. You like me, may not read much Non-fiction but this doesn’t mean you couldn’t try – it may help!

I’m currently enjoying a book called ‘The Range –  How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World’ which is a non-fiction book and I’m really enjoying it – its like a bit of fresh air after many (many) sci-fi books. Think about subjects or topics that you are interested in and then find a relevant book, could be the reason you go back to reading.


Re-read an all-time favorite. Reading a favourite book can be a great way to rekindle the enjoyment of reading. Even if you don’t finish the book it may be enough to respark the enjoyment.

Scrap the TBR pile. Looking at the same TBR pile and feeling increasingly guilty for neglecting the books in it, isn’t exactly the inspiring feeling that will help you beat a reading slump. Instead scrap it find something new browse some book shops or browse Amazon for some new exciting titles.

Read something short and easy. Be it a set of short stories or just a quick book. Finishing a book, no matter how easy, will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and remind you of how much fun reading is.

Sort the bookshelf. Reorganise the books, sort them by genre, or author or size if you want to. Picking up and rummaging through your books I am almost certain will lead to flicking through books, thinking about series that are yet to be finish books that you wanted to read – jump starting your want to read.


Create a reading routine. Sometimes its just hard to make time in your schedule which can definitely cause a reading slump. Help yourself get back into the swing of things by creating a reading routine.  This can be at any time of the day that works for you. Whatever the time, repeatedly reading at the same time everyday will teach your brain when it’s time to read and you’ll start to look forward to those reading breaks in your day.

Take a break! Sometimes your brain just needs a break. So, instead of feeling guilty or trying to push yourself to read, enjoy your break from reading. Catch up on your series, add more walks to the week. Give your brain time to refresh you will be back to books in no time.

Book events. Get back into the reading mood by checking out your local book events. Attending an author signing event, a book reading or a bookfair may again lead to you picking up a book for a good read.

I hope that some or all of these ideas help you when you find yourself sliding into a reading slump. If you have any other ideas feel free to leave them below.


4 thoughts on “How to get out of a reading slump

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  1. These are really good ideas. I would also add audio books to the mix. If you can listen to a book on your way to work, while cleaning the house, or trying to go to sleep, it will feel like killing two birds with one stone.


  2. These are all very helpful ideas. When I get into a reading slump, I try to switch up genres. Maybe I need to check out some more non-fiction this year to avoid reading slumps!

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