6 Ways to Support Authors

We all love books or I’m assuming you do (bit odd if you don’t and are still here but hey I don’t judge).

As I have a love for books I also want to support authors. The more I’ve interacted with authors / writers the more I have found that writing full time can be an incredible hard way to make a living, so I thought I would put out a post to highlight 6 easy ways that we can support authors and keep them writing.

1. Thoughtfully Review Their Books

Book reviews influence buying decisions, for better or for worse. If you enjoyed a book, leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads or any other retailer who has an online presence. A books rating has a big impact, they are usually right up the top of the page when you google a book.

On Amazon there’s a lot of discussion about the number of reviews a book gets  versus how much its pushed by the algorithm but especially for indie authors reviews can make a huge difference to how visible their book becomes. Finally if you loved a book why would you not want to shout about it everywhere.

2. Check Out Their Books From The Library

2 (1)

If you are lucky enough to have a local library you can check their books out or request them if they are not currently available.

I wasn’t sure how much this supported authors because it may only be one book and its read by many people however, authors in the UK can apply for Public Lending Right royalties, which give them payments depending on how often their books are checked out.

The other good thing about this one is that your also supporting the library!

3. Pre-Order the Authors Next Book

If you really want your purchase to make an impact, this is how.

Pre-ordering a book before its out is basically reserving a book. It will be sent to you on the date of release (occasionally I’ve had mine a day or two before). Pre-orders show anticipation for a book which can lead to booksellers ordering more stock in anticipation of greater demand, which can then lead to inclusion in promotions – its like a little waterfall effect of book demand and supply.

Apparently pre-orders also count towards a books first week of sales, as pre-orders can be available for months – this can really boost the first weeks numbers and give authors a shot on the best sellers lists.

4. Nominate Authors for Awards

book awards

This is mainly about exposure, awards can boost sales and they can get books out to a much wider audience.

For a lot of the larger awards, books can only be nominated or put forward by their publisher. However, the ‘general public’ may have a hand in choosing the winner from a short list. If an author you love is on the shortlist make sure you vote for them and encourage others to do the same.

There are plenty of smaller readers polls that can be found on facebook, larger blog sites and goodreads that allow you to vote on them. So if an author posts that they are involved and you are a fan make sure you vote and support. For smaller authors and especially self published this can boost sales and get their books out into the world.

5. Join Authors mailing Lists / Follow on social media


I know this could be considered two ways to support but I feel like they get you very similar outcomes (obviously I would encourage people to do both).

Being subscribed to an authors newsletter or following them on social media allows you you keep up with what they are currently doing. Authors are likely to put what is important to them online for example:

  • the projects they’re working on
  • if they have new books due out
  • interviews / appearances on podcasts
  • Book signing tours / details of live readings
  • Some post giveaways or special content just for subscribers

Its also a great way to get insights on them as a person, their interests, potentially a look into their writing process – all win win.

6. Suggest Their Book At Your Local Book Club

If you’re part of a formal book club, or even if you like to read and discuss books with friends over dinner or at lunch. Bring your favourite author into the mix. Its a great way to introduce other people to books you enjoy and increase exposure for the author to people who may not of heard of them.

There are many more ways to support authors (an important one which I will now add is obviously buying their books) but that’s my 6 quick ways that are easy to accomplish.

Let me know below if these are things you actively do already or if there are other interesting things that you do to support authors and finally a big shout out shout to all the awesome authors out there.




3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Support Authors

Add yours

  1. Great post with useful recommendations! I think it’s always very important to support others, especially persons who make art – authors, bloggers, painters… and if we really can someone help, why not to do that?! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You raised some excellent points. As an indie author I can say a lot of these things really do help!

    One thing I would like to add is that you can sign up for library stuff online. People have access to ebooks as well, which is another trove of books to draw from. All from the comfort of home, if needed.


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