The First Lie

Book Blurb

When Paul Reeve comes home to find his wife in the bathroom, bloodied and shaking, his survival instinct kicks in.

Alive never meant to kill the intruder. She was home alone, and terrified. She doesn’t deserve to be blamed for it. Covering up the murder is the only option.

But the crime eats away at the couple and soon they cant trust anyone -even each other…

first lie pic

My Thoughts:

This book is a psychological thriller about two people caught in a life-altering situation they can’t see their way out of.

Its told via three different perspectives – Paul’s, Alice’s and the police detectives.

Being told the story from both Alice’s and Paul’s was interesting several times you are shown a scene twice from both sides and you get to see what they individually take from whats occurring and how it both affects them.

To be clear this is not a police procedural the detectives view is minimal but gives a way to show another side to the story and show the background investigation.

It’s very much a book watching two people spiral slowly into a very dark place – leaning towards, madness, depression, anger. Each lie leading them further into the descent and further into trouble.

This was  a faced paced thriller that explores the connections between a husband and wife.

3 out of 5 Biscuits

About the Author:


A.J. Park is the author of The First Lie, published by Orion Fiction. The paperback will be released on June 25th 2020. A second psychological thriller will arrive in July 2021. The translation rights to The First Lie have been sold to publishers in Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

A.J. Park’s real name is Karl Vadaszffy. Karl Vadaszffy is the author of three novels: The Missing, which was twice a Kindle top ten bestseller in the UK, peaking at number 6, as well as a number one bestseller in Australia, Sins of the Father and Full of Sin. He is also a freelance journalist and the Head of English at a secondary school in Hertfordshire.

Find out more about A.J. Park/Karl at
Follow him on Twitter: @AJParkauthor and @KarlVad
Facebook: KarlVadaszffy
Instagram: AJPark_author

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