2021 Reading Goals

Its a new year! Although its not yet had the best start I am still positive about what 2021 will bring, hopefully at some point it will bring an end to the lockdowns.

I enjoy setting goals. Throughout the year they may change or some may completely disappear – as you never know where the year may take you. Its still nice to sit and focus on what you would like to achieve or put some aims down on how you would like to spend your time.

So time for some book related goals for 2021

24 Books

I usually partake in the Goodreads yearly challenge and this year is no different – I find it a good place to track the books I have read otherwise I would never know how many I have got through.

I have set this at 24 books, 2 books a month is an achievable no stress goal for me – anymore than this and it turns into a chore and tends to put me off reading.

Last year I managed 36 books so depending on how this year goes I may reassess half way through.


This year I really want to come up with a review format that I enjoy using. I think having a set format makes reviews not only easier to complete but also can make them better quality and more enjoyable to read (personal opinion and tbf I have read some pretty epic rambling reviews). I think I may end up trying a few different ways before I final on a finalised format but that will be half the fun.

Read the books I already own

I know I know bookworm classic – no laughing. But I had devised a plan …maybe. So that I don’t feel like i’m missing out I’ve decided that I can do a book buddy system. For every new book I going to buy I have to read one that I already own and I have so many books that I have and want to read that i’m hoping this will work!

Listen to more Audiobooks

I used to mainly listen to audiobooks while commuting or if I was driving to visit friends etc. The lockdowns have managed to well, stop this entirely. However, I really enjoy audiobooks and think its a great way to consume books. I currently have 3 audible credits so will be perusing their library to find anything that catches my attention. I think I can tie this one in with a none book related goal which is cook more so if I do both of these together potentially magic will happen.

Give myself more time

Think this one is more a remember to relax goal. Remembering that there is actually no rush to read and review. If I just want to reread an old favourite rather than a new book that thats ok. Reading is about enjoyment and learning not just about how many and how quickly.

I would love to hear about your reading goals for 2021 do you have any are any similar to mine? Let me know below.

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