Audio books I’ve Adored

When I was little my mum used to turn off the TV and put on radio 4 plays in the evening and we would sit and complete puzzles or play cards and I think this was my first introduction into listening to stories rather than reading them.

Initially I think I even had cassette tapes (yes I should insert something to do with age here) I distinctly remember having Pyramids by Terry Pratchett narrated by Tony Robinson who by the way is an absolutely fantastic narrator.

For a long time it seemed like audiobooks were a cool idea but were expensive and not truly all that available.

Nowadays they are far more accessible thanks to many different services (audible being one of them). I love this – I’m a person who enjoys sound. I like to listen while i’m commuting, washing up, doing any sort of housework really. Oddly I’m not so great at listening when I’m not doing something else because I usually then end up falling asleep….does anyone else struggle with this?

So anywho the point of this post is to share some brilliant audiobooks that I have listen to recently and have really enjoyed.

1: Artemis

Raved about this during my space challenge – cannot get over how much I enjoyed the story.

Link here: Completion of the Space reading challenge

2. Red Sister

This is the first book by Mark Lawrence that I have read and wow what an experience. Fantasy, grim dark, actioned packed book. Essentially a school setting were they train assassins. Really looking forward to reading / listening the rest in the series – can be emotionally draining so watch out 😀 

3. Cherringham series

My mum actually recommended this to me the last time I was visiting. The drive home is anywhere between 3.5-6 hours depending on traffic and I wanted something light hearted  but interesting to listen to – these are cosy crime novels with a really likeable crime solving duet that’s based in a small village. Think midsummer murders and you will be on very much the right track, made me smile and kept me entertained for the entire journey.

4. The Darkest Evening – Ann Cleaves

The this is a story of a small community, the many and varied natures of families, what holds them together, what rips them apart. I’m a huge fan of Ann Cleaves, she is just good at police procedurals. I’ve read all of the Vera series along with the Shetland series but this is the first time I’ve listened to an audiobook version and it was excellent.  The narrator did a fabulous job of bringing the characters to life. 

I hope you like the recommendations let me know your favorites below.

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