The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle


At a gala party thrown by her parents, Evelyn Hardcastle will be killed–again. She’s been murdered hundreds of times, and each day, Aiden Bishop is too late to save her. Doomed to repeat the same day over and over, Aiden’s only escape is to solve Evelyn Hardcastle’s murder and conquer the shadows of an enemy he struggles to even comprehend–but nothing and no one are quite what they seem. 

My review:

This is a cosy murder mystery where the main character has 8 days to solve it with a sci-fi twist.

First of all I loved this book. I loved the premise, I loved the setting the beautiful and yet run down Blackheath house, I loved how the book immediately grabs you – you are dropped straight into the story, no preamble leaving you just as curious as the main character is about what is happening.

This is a heavily detailed, and ambitious story with beautiful writing. I found myself unable to put it down and you will enjoy it if you are ok with being taken out of your comfort zone, enjoy puzzles, witty characters and have a penchant for the curious and the strange. You do have to put work in, its complex and you may have to reread passages or take a second to think through where a discovery fits into the overall story but, these small moments of concentration are worth it.

My favorite thing – seeing the personality of each individual character overlay the main character Aiden Bishop as he goes through the days.

Least favourite – the ending although it worked it was the weakest section, felt maybe a bit rushed but it was also something that I would not have guessed and the ending wasn’t bad enough to rate it any less.

I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a murder mystery and is open minded to a unique twist – 4 out of 5 biscuits.

Favourite quote:

“How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home?”

Let me know if you’ve read the book and what you thought below.

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