Sorcery of A Queen


They called her the Witch Queen…

Driven from her kingdom, the would-be queen now seeks haven in the land of her mother, but Ashlyn will not stop until justice has been done. Determined to unlock the secret of powers long thought impossible. Ashlyn bends her will and intellegence to mastering the one thing people always accused her of, sorcery.

Meanwhile, having learned the truth of his mutation, Bershad is a man on borrowed time. Never knowing when his healing powers will drive him to a self-destruction, he is determined to see Ashlyn restored to her throne and the creatures they both love safe.

This series follows several different characters: A queen, an exile, a bodyguard, and a young alchemist. Each character has their own rich backstory and their stories interweave brilliantly.

This book continues where the previous book left off. The battle at Floodhaven is over and Ashlyn, Bershad and Felgor journey to Papyrian via boat to gather allies and try to gain further info into this new found sourcery. Jolan the alchemist is thrust into a war he wants no part of, and we are introduced to Kira Ashlyn’s kidnapped sister or at least her point of view in this book.

Jolan’s narrative was definitely my favourite, with some truly heart-wrenching moments, discovery of his sexuality and wonderfully emotional scenes. He comes across as the most well-rounded, the most human. He learned a lot and probably changed the most. His journey was a brilliant one.

This follow up has the same humour and fun banter as the previous, it also keeps the strong females and excellent descriptions of dragons and has a strong theme around the consequence of choices and actions.

It struggles with some pacing issues and as its split between several different groups of characters inevitably there will be sections of story that you enjoy less. Unfortunately for me these were Kira’s sections I did not find her likable.

Positive aspects to the book are the world building (amazingly vibrant settings) the steampunk, science tilt of the magic along with the combination of humor, adventure and some hearftfelt moments.

I’m struggling to give it an overall rating because I would say writing structure pacing etc would be three stars but it was just oddly a book that I couldn’t put down and that kept me wanting to jump back into the story so 3 1/2 biscuits out of 5 for this read.

Thank you to Tor UK, Brian Naslund, Jamie-Lee Nardone and Stephen Haskins for a review copy of Sorcery Of A Queen.

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